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PW-AG-15 Instrument Cable

PW-AG-15 Instrument Cable
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Price: PHP1,500.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: PW-AG-15
Manufacturer: Planet Wave
Average Rating: Not Rated

Avoid bone chilling signal pops associated with connecting and disconnecting instrument cables with the 15 foot instrument cable with circuit breaker.

Instrument cable with circuit breaker:
When connecting normal instrument cables to amps, there is normally a pop as electrical levels equalize between devices. By using a circuit breaker in your cable, you can avoid this potentially damaging pop.

Active Pickups:
Those who use active pickups are used to unplugging their instruments while not playing because leaving normal cables plugged in will drain the batteries needlessly. By adding a circuit breaker into the cable plug, all a musician has to do is click the button off to avoid active pickup power waste.

Flawless audio:
Both plugs are gold–plated and feature compression springs for corrosion–free connections with the lowest possible impedance. Translation: your audio sounds better.

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